Flexibility & Customer Support Place 360data Above Other TMS Solutions

Henningsen Transportation, a non-asset-based transportation solutions provider, has been a long-time client of 360data. A subsidiary of the refrigerated third-party logistics firm Henningsen Cold Storage, Henningsen Transportation provides solutions that help clients move shipments across freight modes such as refrigerated/dry truckloads, refrigerated LTL, and import/export drayage. The company manages approximately 6,000 freight transactions annually.

“Our primary role in the organization is to provide our clients with transportation solutions which help support their supply chain requirements to and from our warehouses and throughout their network,” says Todd Lanter, Director of Transportation Services for Henningsen. 

Prior to his current role, Lanter had experience with a proprietary transportation management system (TMS) and Oracle. When he started with Henningsen, transportation was largely managed using a series of spreadsheets. To update this method, Henningsen subscribed to the TMS program in October 2012 through a software provider that 360data acquired in 2015. 

“In my opinion, out-of-the-box TMS applications, are not typically built with third party functionality in mind and tend to be rigid,” Lanter says. “The platform was able to demonstrate a reliable rating engine for both buy and sell, among other things. More importantly, when we approached them with desired enhancements to the platform, the programming team approached the ideas with a can-do attitude that made all the difference to me.”

Tools of the Trade

Henningsen stayed with 360data through the software provider transition and continues to use the TMS platform today. With 360data, the transportation provider manages nearly all aspects of the business. Key areas of functionality for Henningsen include: 

  • Load tender/acceptance
  • Buy/sell rate management
  • Freight audit payment/billing
  • Data set query and export

 “The 360data TMS has allowed Henningsen’s associates to work more efficiently and effectively,” says Lanter. “With the available tools, we set up daily carrier update request notifications and internal exceptions reporting, which drives coordinator/carrier communication to keep our shipments progressing toward on time pick-up and delivery, which is at the core of our business success.”

The Customer is Always Right

While many Tier 1 TMS providers often provide less flexible features and standardized support, 360data tailors its solutions directly to the needs of its clients. Customer service is a key focus for 360data, and it has not gone unnoticed. 

“The 360data team is the primary differentiating factor of the program. In instances when the system is not responding as expected, the support staff is at the ready to diagnose and address the issue. They also go further and educate the user as to why the system responded as such, which affords the user a deeper knowledge of the system for better future execution,” Lanter says. 

Henningsen’s main business involves providing tailored solutions to its own customers, which means their TMS must be flexible enough to accommodate these varying needs. Fortunately, the 360data support team is always prepared to configure the solution in any way Henningsen needs. 

“Given our ‘client solutions’ value proposition, configurations to the TMS may be necessary to support the client’s requirements,” says Lanter. “Correct translation of business requirements into system configuration requirements are paramount to success. The 360data support team is proficient in this critical area. Whether it be EDI communication, carrier notifications, special mileage or fuel agreements, or user interface changes, the 360data support team’s can-do attitude is essential.”

Transportation Management System from 360data

Since its implementation in 2012, the 360data TMS has become a critical tool in the daily operations of Henningsen Transportation Services. The platform’s capabilities and flexibility set it apart from many other competitive solutions, while the superior customer service provided by the 360data team make them an ideal technology partner. 

“I would recommend 360data, and I do,” says Lanter. “My recommendation is based on my experience with the 360data resources and program. Each company has their own requirements for a TMS and only they can communicate those goals. However, when the conversation around TMS is on the table, I’m quick discuss the benefits of 360data from my perspective.” 

For more information about the 360data TMS or our other solutions, please contact us online or call us at 920-707-3601.

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Middle-Market 3PL Finds Reliability and Increased Functionality in 360data’s Tier-1 TMS

As digital supply chain capability becomes the new norm, shippers and logistics service providers alike are finding they need to update the tools in their toolkit to meet the demands of a modern integrated supply chain. This was the case with M2 Logistics, a full service third-party logistics (3PL) company offering a range of freight brokerage, LTL, and full supply chain solutions.

M2 already had a Transportation Management System (TMS) in place, but it was an older brokerage-style model that didn’t offer as much functionality as the 3PL’s growing operation required. To solve this problem, M2 Logistics shopped around the Tier-1 TMS market and decided on 360data. They had already had dealings with WSI, 360data’s sister company, and respected the organization’s reputation as a strong partner.

 “We did consider several other TMS platforms,” said Joe Klim, senior vice president of supply chain operations at M2. “360data provides the same baseline capabilities as Tier 1 providers—however, they do it a significantly lower price.”

 M2 Logistics also found the 360data integration process to be an agreeable one, and even with a few changes and shifting realizations about requirements along the way, full implementation was achieved in under two months.

 “At first, we were evaluating the system as a ‘middleware’ solution, providing a single-entry point for all our customers. Second, we wanted an integrated data repository that would collect data from all our systems in one database. We decided to use the TMS functionality of the system as it became evident that another TMS would take longer to implement and be very costly,” Klim said.

 In addition to the financial savings M2 has seen, one of the greatest benefits of choosing 360data has been the trusted team that comes along with it. The 360data team is dedicated to ensuring they meet the needs of all their partners.

 “They are customer service focused,” Klim said. “Always willing to help. We have suggested many improvements to the system, and rather than nickel-and-diming us as many providers would do, they saw the value of the enhancement and made the changes. They take a true partnership approach and do more than give lip service to the term ‘partnership.’”

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Greeting card giant implements cloud-based TMS to eliminate manual routing guides, reduce large trucking budget

A greeting card giant approached 360data to help eliminate the use of aged paper routing guides, eliminate manual phone and fax shipment execution and reduce its tens of millions of dollars in annual transportation expenditure.

One of the nation’s top greeting cards producers, with thousands of vendors, numerous manufacturing facilities, multiple distribution centers and tens of thousands of retail locations, faced a need to streamline its outdated transportation systems to keep up with current order volume. 

Using the 360data TMS, we established a cloud-based community for the client. The client gave glowing reviews of the 360data TMS, including the minimal expense needed for implementation. The client also appreciated that no internal IT support is required for the TMS. After 360data implemented the TMS, the client was able to eliminate its legacy system and quickly respond to changing rules. When the client wants the functionality of the 360data TMS enhanced, the 360data team will roll out product upgrades to all parties and vendors using the software. 

360data “delivered” the hosted solution the client desired, along with web expertise, carrier communication links and extensive industry experience. Implementing the 360data TMS ultimately achieved compliance, reduced manual labor expenses and established cost savings for the client.

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Stone manufacturer sets out to reduce cost of delivery

A natural stone manufacturer expressed its desire to streamline operations, stating it wanted to reduce the dollar per pound cost of delivery and the time spent by dispatchers building routes.

So, the client employed 360data’s cloud-based Transportation Management System and an external routing and scheduling software. 

The combined solution exceeded the client’s desires, cutting the $/lb freight delivery cost by more than 50 percent, for a savings of nearly one million dollars a year. The 360data TMS greatly contributed to this combined savings, offering vastly improved cost visibility and control. The route optimization, enabled by the combination of 360data and external routing software, cut routing and dispatch labor hours by more than 40 percent.

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B2B platform integration aids in onboarding new trading partners, reduces IT spend

A major chemical company realizes shortfalls in its organization’s internal technologies.

When a chemical distributor decided to replace its existing technology with 360data’s B2B Integration platform to improve connectivity and streamline communication, it was not a decision made overnight. 

The company’s IT manager recognized shortfalls in the organization’s internal solutions and processes. These shortfalls included poor customer connectivity, slow rate of connecting new trading partners and high costs to support these processes. In addition to its internal technology, the company used a contractor’s services to onboard new trading partners.

"We were heavy on manual processes; we had no consistency with how orders were received among all our trading partners; and we had bottlenecks for bringing on new ones," the company's IT manager said. "And then there was the issue of cost. We needed to streamline."

Trial period yields impressive results

After evaluating vendors, the client conducted a trial period with 360data’s B2B Integration platform to onboard one of its newer customers. After the smooth and successful completion of the trial, the client decided to transition fully to 360data B2B Integration. 

From a cost perspective alone, the client eliminated its internal servers, as well as the need for contractor services. Its overall IT budget reduced 10 percent. Internally, the client eliminated manual data entry, improved efficiency of adding new trading partners and documents, and improved accessibility to its data. The significant value delivered by 360data B2B Integration exceeded the client’s requirements and expectations. The B2B Integration delivered cost savings and was easy to use. 

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Tailored collaboration platform increases labor savings, usable information

Three TMS programs. Hundreds of carriers. Thousands of shipments. When data routing errors prompted the hiring of temporary staff, this 3PL knew it needed a better solution.

When a leading third-party logistics provider's internal team began experiencing issues with the company's three transportation management systems, plus an internal system, it needed a proficient solution. The provider handles several thousands of shipments daily for dozens of customers and using hundreds of carriers. The diversity of their TMS programs, combined with their large carrier base and shipment volume, often resulted in the incorrect TMS receiving carrier data and tracking and payment updates. 360data implemented its B2B Integration platform, connecting all of the client's carriers to the 360data B2B platform. The 360data platform cleans and matches all incoming carrier data and communications before passing them along to the client's TMS programs. The 360data B2B Integration platform also queues unmatched documents from carriers, providing the client complete visibility for all carrier documents, as well as the ability to search them. Additionally, the 360data B2B Integration implementation includes a unique portal to route carrier activity for all of the client's TMS programs. This portal executes carrier-side shipment activities, like shipment acceptance and status updates. The client's TMS handles all shipper interactions.

360data streamlines processes, scales with company growth

The 360data B2B integration vastly simplified the process of adding or removing a TMS as the client grew or terminated vendor relationships. The company gained a customized technology platform to scale with its growth and enhance its processes as the business evolves.

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360data OMS eliminates manual order-faxing, leverages existing systems

When a major retailer recognized its partially manual order processing and receipt system limited its ability to consolidate and optimize orders and shipments, it turned to 360data for an integrative approach.

One of the nation's largest retailers, operating in a highly competitive retail space, had more than 1,740 retail outlets in 49 states. Its supply chain includes several thousand vendors, 22 distribution centers and its core carriers and consolidators. Despite the volume of their logistics needs, the retail giant had a partially manual ready-to-ship process for inbound shipments. Vendors faxed thousands of orders each, which the retailer needed to sort, optimize and assign to carriers. Its staff would manually input shipments into its proprietary vendor management system, which fed its transportation management system, for consolidation and optimization. Additionally, the retailer needed to make transportation decisions with limited visibility of the shipments, which led to an excessive number of more-costly less-than-truckload outbound shipments.

The retailer recognized its need to improve its load factors, reduce data entry and errors, optimize routing decisions and disseminate more timely shipment status information to everyone in its supply chain. Turning to e-transportation leader 360data, the retailer sought an internet-based technology solution to yield a more efficient way to manage its inbound transportation activities. 360data partnered with the client to develop a solution that leveraged the retailer's existing operations and infrastructure, including its TMS.

360data OMS integrates seamlessly with retailer's existing TMS

Using the 360data OMS as its core service, the retailer linked all of its trading partners into a centralized, private trading community to conduct automated transactions, timely communications and status reports, and highly efficient transportation management. To do this, 360data built a customized, password-protected interface, created an electronic dashboard with extensive reporting capabilities and performance graphs, and facilitated the OMS integration with the client's existing systems. Thousands of vendors now submit ready-to-ship freight information at the individual order level electronically to the client. It can then more easily and efficiently consolidate and optimize shipments to its regional distribution centers.

Increased visibility of shipments, validation of purchase orders result in bottom-line savings

The 360data OMS enabled the retailer to validate purchase orders before shipment, automatically enforce ship-cancel dates and eliminate the processing of invalid orders. It also reduced transportation costs by allowing better route scheduling and preventing unnecessary LTL shipments, due to the increased visibility into shipments and orders across its network of trading partners. Transaction and status reports now are completed online, and faxes and phone calls became the exception rather than the norm. The complete visibility of its entire order process resulted in significant savings for the retailer's bottom line, with no added staff. This top retailer still uses the 360data OMS in its daily operations!

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A customized OMS provides relief and clarity in high-volume transactional atmosphere

A growing organic cooperative could not keep up with its increasing transaction volume. As orders and invoices grew and its team did not, the cooperative sought a customizable solution.

When sales of the largest organic food cooperative in North America were growing at a rate of 20 percent per year, but their technology for the order-to-cash transaction process couldn't keep up, a change was imminent. Prior to implementing 360data's Order Management System to improve transaction data quality with its customer and food brokers, the cooperative was using a combination of disparate VANs to manage daily transaction data. Yet, even with this technology in place, the cooperative's internal team was struggling to keep up with the volume of transactions. Additionally, the client struggled with data quality and the process of validating transaction information before it was sent to customers in the form of electronic invoices.

As a relatively young company concerned with its growth and reputation, Days Sales Outstanding were not acceptable, amplifying the need for invoice accuracy to facilitate prompt processing and payment. In short, transactions grew and the cooperative's team did not.

Data cleansing and validation enable client to engage in single transactions, saving time

The client now uses 360data's OMS to manage a transaction volume of more than 7,000 per month. Using the 360data OMS, the client added several value-added processes to ensure quality transaction data, allowing for data validation before it passes to the next stage of the order-to-cash business process. By replacing its internal VANs and mapping software, the client now has the ability to CC its brokers in a single transaction; as an order comes in, the 360data OMS sends a message/transaction back out to many brokers, saving valuable time of the client's internal resources.

With the 360data OMS, the client gained a solution that adds value to the order-to-cash business process, thereby improving its efficiency and our customer service.

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